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Private Lessons in Latin Dancing

Private Instruction

Private lessons are 60 minutes for a great price of $55 an hour.

July Special: Schedule a private lesson at a discounted price of $45 per hour.

Why do private lessons cost more than group classes?

The amount you will learn in one hour of private lessons is far more than what you learn in a group class setting because the program is designed to meet your specific needs and all of the teacher's attention is given to the single student. If taken all of these into consideration, the pricing is really not more expensive.

Are private lessons right for me?

If you are shy learning in a group class setting, you may want to consider private instruction. Other reasons for choosing private lessons are wanting to learn faster (for an event) or the preference of one-on-one instruction. Another advantage is that private lessons are tailored to the individual's needs and scheduled to a time and date you and the instructor are available.

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