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Quinceanera Choreography

Mayling Marquez specializes in choreography for quinceañeras, a very important component of the traditional fiestas de los Quinces.

Your Quinces should be magical and memorable.

Choreography Services offered: Choreography of the Waltz,the traditional dance with the honored court and surprise dance or additional dances such as Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Samba and Reggaeton (Latin Hip Hop).

Quinceanera Choreography in West Palm Beach, FL

For a Quinceanera Choreographer in West Palm Beach, FL visit quinceschoreography.com.

Quinceanera Choreography in Miami, FL

Click here for a quinceanera choreographer in Miami FL (South Florida). We offer our services in Miami, Homestead, Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

Quinceanera Choreography in Kansas City

We no longer have lessons in this area. If you are a quinces choreographer in KC and would like your service listed here, please send email to mexiraguan@ixtstudio.com

Quinceanera Choreography Pricing

Quinceanera Packages start at $1,150 and depends on the individual's needs. For quinceanera choreography prices please email mexiraguan@ixtstudio.com with detailed information about your event (date of event, number of people in your court, what dances you would like to dance, your location, etc.).


History of Quinceanera

The origins of the quinceañera celebration are associated with Aztec culture. At age fifteen, boys became warriors and girls became women or in other words, they were ready to marry. Girls either got married or became priestesses.

Some explain that the quinceanera tradition came to be when the Spaniards arrived in South America and their culture intertwined with that of the Aztecs. Christianity started blending in with the rituals of becoming of age.

Texto de invitaciones de Quinceanera

You can find samples (english and spanish ones) of text for invitations:

Texto de invitaciones de Quinceanera - Text for a Quincanera Invite

Special Prayers for Quinceaneras

Here is a link for an outline of prayers and readings for Mass.

Decorations for a Quinceanera

Before going out to search for the perfect decorations, you will need to first decide on a theme. This will make is easier on many decisions like the dresses, choreography and of course decorations.

Here are links I found for some quinceanera items that might be useful:

quinceanera beautiful centerpieces

quinceanera figures

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