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New!! Now you can purchase a print from the "Gone Too Soon" caricature art series by Erick Adrian Marquez.

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Bob Marley
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MCA Beastie Boy
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David Bowie
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Kurt Cobain
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The ability to capture the likeness and essence of his subjects, makes Erick Adrian Marquez a top caricature artist in South Florida. He mainly works in West Palm Beach, FL but can travel to your city upon request.


Caricature artist, Erick Adrian Marquez is available for all types of events.

Hire a cariature artist for your next event including festivals, weddings, fundraisers, school events, proms, reunions, anniversaries, fairs, and any other event needing entertainment for your guests.


Caricatures are fun gifts! Commission a custom caricature portrait for any occasion, such as a loved one's birthday.

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Lebron James

J.K. Rowling

Peewee Herman

Daisy Ridley

Leonardo DiCaprio

Peter Dinklage