IXT Studio: Pre-Production Art

Mayling Pao & Erick Adrian Marquez

Announcement! Mayling Pao & Erick Adrian Marquez have been selected as two of the artists for 'The Commons' project with the city of West Palm Beach, FL.

Concept Art

In film, gaming, and comic books, concept art is the development of characters and their world. Pre-production art can also include storyboarding, special effects makeup, and props.

Character development is an important component in animated films, comic books, and other sequential arts. Character designers work closely with the director or editors and writers to bring characters to life. Below are sample character drawings by Erick Adrian Marquez.

Concept artist Erick Adrian Marquez uses traditional media to draw intial sketches of characters. For final character designs, he uses a combination of traditional and digital media.

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Storyboards are created to pre-visualize a film, animation, or other sequential media. By telling the story visually, storyboarding helps to orgazine a story before it is filmed.

Left: Sample of art by sketch artist Erick Adrian Marquez.

Special Effects Makeup can be used in pre-production and production stages. During the Halloween season, Mayling Pao is a lead make up artist for Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach. Year round she also does makeup for local indepedent films, plus creative body painting for events adn competitions.

Special effects makeup by Mayling Pao for the haunt 'Beyond the Gates' at Fright Nights @myfrightnights #frightnights #specialeffectsmakeup #halloween #creepydoll #hauntedhouse #horror

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Paper Mache Props & Set Design for theatre productions, film, and event decor.

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