IXT Studio: Mural Painting

Muralists Mayling Pao & Erick Adrian Marquez

Announcement! Mayling Pao & Erick Adrian Marquez have been selected as two of the artists for 'The Commons' project with the city of West Palm Beach, FL.

Murals refer to works of art painted directly on to a wall or large permanent surface. A mural is a great way to complete a unique atmosphere for your business or personalize a space in your home.

Mural Artists

Erick Adrian Marquez and Mayling Pao are professional mural painters experienced in large-scale painting. Whether you are looking for private or public art on an interior or exterior wall, IXT Studio artists can transform your wall into a beautiful view.

Yes, we paint restaurant and hotel interiors, residentials including children's bedroom murals, and exterior building walls that brighten up a city's landscape.

The Jam: Rock Icons Mural (collaboration) at Respectable Street | Jim Morrison's portrait by Pao & Marquez       Photo Credit: WPBMagazine.com

Letting Go Mural (collaboration) in Downtown West Palm Beach | Pictured abovie is Mayling Pao's half of the wall

The Jam Mural (collaboration) in Downtown West Palm Beach| by Bulks, Anthony Hernandez, EMO, PHD, and Mayling Pao

Let our muralists transform your space into a beautiful photo spot or a 'must see' location. Whatever your project - an interior wall in your home or an exterior wall on a building - we can create something exciting just for you!

Indoor residential bathroom mural
Progress photo of mural in the back alley of Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park, FL

For a price quote please email mexiraguan@ixtstudio.com.

Below is a picture of muralist Erick Adrian Marquez at the Paint-By-Numbers event held in Dowtown West Palm Beach. He designed the mural piece and led the public in painting the mobile mural in a paint-by-numbers approach.

Artist Erick Adrian Marquez, Min front of the mural mural he designed for a public event in downtown West Palm Beach.
Artist Mayling Pao, Monday, April 17, 2017, in front of the mural of Prince she painted on the side of Respectable Street in downtown West Palm Beach.       Photo Credit: Palm Beach Post