Childrens Book Illustration

Erick Marquez and Mayling Pao - are published illustrators with professional experience in children's books, comic books, and editorial illustration. If you are seeking an illustrator that is professional, reliable and provides high-quality work call us today to talk about your children's book.

Children's Book Illustration Portfolio

\big bad wolf

The Binky Fairy

Written by Karen Shaw-Lott, Illustrated by Erick Marquez

the binky fairy book cover

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To The Moon! Childrens book

Written by Nancy Najera Morkovsky, Illustrated by Erick Marquez

childrens book cover illustration childrens book illustration childrens books color illustration

Freelance Childrens Book Illustrators for Hire

Both artists - Mayling Pao & Erick Marquez - have professional experience in illusration with published work appearing in the Kansas City Star newspaper and Baking Buyer magazine. To hire a freelance illustrator, please contact IXT Studio at or call 786-237-9167